Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sad Week

Hello. it has been a sad week here. Here is why:

1) PF said that a friend of a friend was killed for NO REASON. He went to the same school PF went to, but not at the same time. Still, she said it was her community and that it is bad when someone from your community dies. This makes me very sad, especially because it makes PF sad. Also, I do not understand persons who kill other persons for no reason, it does not seem natural to me. I am sending a message to GOD that she will take care of his family and friends and send them kittie-loves. Will you do it too?

2) On the day when PF is gone for only a few hours in the morning and comes home singing GOD songs, we watched Crooklyn, which we thought would be funny, but it was sad. I get very upset when PF cries, so I had to walk around yelling at her to try and distract her from crying. When that did not work, I just rubbed up against her and purred which PF says is like a happy pill for people, with no side 'fects.

3) My third sad thing is sad for me, 'specially. PF is taking care of one of those ickythings this week, and she did not even come home to visit yesterday! It is hot in our apartment and a little stinky. PF said she will clean today, but she says that a lot. in the mean time, I don't have enough room to spread out and get cool!

But, there is one big happy thing happening today! the nicepersons we used to live with, MommyKnickers and DaddyHankiePants, are coming to visit! PF says I won't see them till maybe tomorrow, but I can wait. I am 'specially happy because this means PF will be happy and not talk on the phone so much!

I hope your week is cooler and happier then mine!

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