Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Old Cat, New Tricks


I am Winifred T. Katt, and you have stumbled onto my blog.

My person (blog name: personfilms, or PF) has two blogs and she talks about how she does not blog enough. she says there are animal bloggers who blog more then she does!

I decided I should get onto this blog thing to encourage her (and, now that I am retired and don't get out so much, to make new friends)

Here are some interesting things about me:

I am very beautiful- not a Scarlet Johansson beautiful...more of an Uma Thurman beautiful (PF and I watch A LOT of movies!)

Although I seem shy to most people, I really love to get petted on my belly and rubbed behind my ears. I even snuggle under the covers sometimes.

I was a teenage mommy cat, but I gave my babycat up for adoption. I think this was the best thing because it meant we both found loving homes. now PF is my babycat, and I am her babyhead, so it works out nicely.

My good friend Pyewacket died a while back and I have not liked any other kitties since because they are all so STOOPID, and do not live up to the high standard he set for us all...but that is the old -grumpy-lady in me talking, and I am trying to be more open minded. Perhaps I will meet some good kitties here on the interweb.

That is all.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you will come back soon to visit.

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