Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'cus i'z hangin wi' my cus

I have cousins! I have never met any of them, but I smell them on PF sometimes.

In Minneapolis: There are Lucky and Smokey. When PF visits them she is happy to come home beause they are mean to her. I do not know why they don't like her...she is very sweet.

There are also a lot of ickythings that PF likes a lot, but not more then me, so that is OK. She sometimes has to stay away for a few days and comes home smelling like them ickythings. Still, I understand because she says she has to, so she can keep buying me goodfood without icky-pest-decides.

In Maine: Living with nicepersons who used to live with me and PF, are Heidi (a cat) and Rusty (an ickything)

I miss nicepersons. They were very lovey to me and PF. But PF says they will come and visit VERYSOOON!!! I am happy because I would like one of them to stay with me overnight while PF is visiting an ickything...hint, hint

Back to cousins...

also in Maine there is Seguin and Who-Who-E (btw, me and PF are not so good at spelling. PF has to use spell-check, but I am a cat and say HA! to spell-check. I spel how I dam wel pleze!)

I think there is also some kind of weird aminal in Maine that PF has talked about, but I have not smelt that yet, so I don't know what it is.

Across the country in California are: Peanut (little ickything), Asha (big ickything) and Deacon (cat). PF says she wants Asha to come live with us, but she knows I will not like that, so I don't worry about it too much.

Here are pictures of the cousins:
this is Rusty with a goofy ickything face on his icky head

this is deacon. this was a piece of performance art he did just for PF called"Kasual Kat" he and his person, preachingperson (PP), are very good artists.
this is Peanut, the littlest ickything I ever saw/smelt!! I don't know why PF is smiling in this picture, because someone was being awful mean to make her hold that ickything!
and these are Seguin and Who-Who-E. They are cats like my brother Pye was, though not as phat. I wish PF had a wood stove like this one so I could sit on it in coldtime!

Those are all the pictures I have. PF's aunt will have to send picture's of Lucky and Smokey, and PP will have to send a picture of Asha. Also, I need pictures of Heidi and maybe even the weird aminal I was telling you about.

see you soon, lumpy-boos!! (that's what PF always says to me, so it must be a nice thing to say!)

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Auntie Knickers said...

We miss you too, Winifred! I will send PF a picture of Heidi and also I think I have pictures of Hanuman and Jambavan. They are ferrets. If PF comes here and visits them, I bet you will be able to smell them when she comes home!