Friday, March 27, 2009

back to chillaxin

It's been a rough few weeks around here.  First PF stayed up way past her bedtime for many nights.  I scolded her and tried to sit on the computer, but instead of bowing to my commands, she tried to scold me!  well, I showed her an hardly slept with her at all.  

But then I realized the error of my ways when one night she stayed up very late and then took what you humans call a "cat nap" and then got up extremely early and left.  

and then there was a horrible time of not knowing.  when would she be back?  how long had it been?  would the Others remember to feed me and pet me?  Do they even know the right way to rub my belly?!?!  Dear God, it was awful!

But then she came back and she was very sorry, so I forgave her after a few minutes and we snuggled.

Now she keeps saying she will be gone again soon, but I am choosing to ignore that and keep living in the moment.  doing like I do.

this is me before the awful time, chillaxin.

and this is me tonight as I'm writing to you.  As you can see, I am a still a little frazzled and staying very close to PF!

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Auntie Knickers said...

Oh, Winifred, life is hard for cats. Soon PF will be going to stay with Mr. Darcy and Mr Bingley and they will not appreciate her because she is not their people. I wish I could come and see you.