Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pictures and a Triumph

Winfred here, on my new computer! Well, really it,s PF', but I get to use it too!

And for my first trick, ladies and gentlemen, some phtos for you!


There's a pretty graphic picture at the end,but I'm pretty proud of it, so I don't care! But any hardcore PETA fans...well, don't blame my PF, OK? cause she just let's me roll like a do, ya know?

ok, so here we go...!
The first is pretty artsy - I love it!

this next one is a photo of me lounging the morning after my big night...

...when I killed this sucker!

I'm sorry, did I say killed, cause I meant devoured!! mmmMMMmm, tasty!


Auntie Knickers said...

Oh, Winifred. You have not lost your edge!

Jane said...

Nom! What about all the mice you eat in secret, huh?